Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Prayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire

I am studying Elder Bednar's talk, Pray Always. Although I have read and listened to it a few times already- some sections hit me this morning that I hadn't REALLY noticed before- about praying for others- below are the quotes for the talk that I really liked.

Praying for others with all of the energy of our souls increases our
capacity to hear and to heed the voice of the Lord.

Speaking of Lehi:
The vision came in response to a prayer for others and
not as a result of a
request for personal edification or guidance.

Do our spouses, children, and other family members likewise feel the power
of our prayers offered unto the Father for their specific needs and desires? Do
those we serve hear us pray for them with faith and sincerity? If those we love
and serve have not heard and felt the influence of our earnest prayers in their
behalf, then the time to repent is now. As we emulate the example of the Savior,
our prayers truly will become more meaningful.

I feel like I learned something new this morning. I am going to have a renewed focus on praying for others.

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Michal said...

this is something that i often neglect unless there is something dire going on. i'll often just ask heavenly father to bless my kids and help them know i love them etc but not the kind of specifics that i think elder bednar speaks of. thanks for reminding me of something i noted when i studied this talk long ago.