Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Way

Today I read "The Way"- by Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge Of the Seventy.

One part of his talk that really struck me was this:

John the Baptist said that while he baptized with water, Jesus baptized
“with the Holy Ghost.”12
in this life is of greater worth than the supernal gift of the Holy Ghost. It is
the source of joy, peace, knowledge, strength, love, and every other good thing.
With the Atonement, it is the power by which we may be changed and made strong
where we are weak. With the priesthood, it is the power by which marriages and
families are sealed together eternally.13
It is the power by which the Lord makes Himself manifest unto those who believe
in Him.14
Every good thing depends on getting and keeping the power of the Holy Ghost in
our lives. Everything depends on that.
To that end, Jesus Christ entered a
garden called Gethsemane, where He overcame sin for us. He took upon Himself our
sins. He suffered the penalty of our wrongs. He paid the price of our education.
I don’t know how He did what He did. I only know that He did and that because He
did, you and I may be forgiven of our sins that we may be endowed with His
power. Everything depends on that. What then shall we do? We will “take upon
[us] the name of [the] Son, and always remember him and keep his commandments
which he has given [us]; that [we] may always have his Spirit to be with
Everything depends on that.

I have been thinking a lot about the covenant of the sacrament lately. I want to have a lovely atmosphere in my home all the time. With four little children, I sometimes get frustrated with them. I need to keep his commandments, and always remember him, because I know that I need his spirit to always be with me.

Everything depends on that.

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yieldingmyheart said...

Every change in our lives, every thing we want to accomplish, every truly eternal goal. It all depends on Him. He is the way.

Thank you for these great thoughts and reminders.