Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Release

I have been anticipating this day for four years-my release. In our church the classes are taught by regular people the Bishop decides on. He prayerfully chooses who he thinks would be best in the open position and then will ask or "call" them to that certain position.

Four years ago I was asked to be our ward Sunday School teacher. I thought this very strange considering the audience-a few ex-bishops, mission presidents, high councilmen, etc-but I figured they would help me, and I would be the test to their faith-we would be a team. Besides, Sunday School Teachers are usually in for one year-MAX!

So, the first year I taught the Doctrine and Covenants. As I stood in front of the large group shaking and holding my typed out word for word lesson, I learned to love and respect the people of the early church. There strength and dedication was so inspiring to me! I loved the stories, I loved the faith, and I loved learning and studying about Joseph Smith.

I thought I would be released.

Second Year-Old Testament. I felt a bit more comfortable in front of the people, but had no clue about the subject. The lesson is on Hezekiah? Who is he? I spent endless hours studying on the subject so I could teach it. I learned about ancient faith and the Lords promises and commitments to his people. Wow I loved the Old Testament.

Then I thought I would be released.

Third year. New Testament. What an amazing subject-the ministry of the Savior! I loved learning and teaching about Jesus. What an honor and privilege. Talking about Him brought me peace, even in front of a large audience. We all learned together, and I feel as a group our love for the savior increased.

I really thought I would be released.

But they moved me into the RS room and gave me a Book of Mormon manual and I started again, hoping these poor people would not be too frustrated-I had no more fun life stories, all my clever things were used up. It was just me and the Book of Mormon.

So the whole point of this long winded post is this... I went through all the standard works. I spent years studying them and learning to love them! BUT, it was the Book of Mormon that strengthened my testimony and brought me closer to the Lord. There was a difference. I don't know what it is exactly, but The Book of Mormon brought me closer to God than the other books. It is hard to explain-it was a four year journey, but I am thankful that I was allowed the privilege to experience this. The Book of Mormon is a life changing book.

Today I was released. Now off to the Young Woman's.

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Christine said...

I liked it when we were teaching together. It was fun to get all of your good ideas and then use them :)