Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hey Ladies, You'll Like this one...

I have a new quote to share from the book I am reading: Emma Smith, an Elect Lady:

A little background first- When Joseph and Emma were living in Commerce, IL, their home was a resting and stopping point for many visitors.

When one Latter-day Saint observed the dilemma Joseph faced with frequent guests and penniless converts and that he had reduced himself to "woman's work," he concluded the issue was home management and suggested the root of the problem was Emma. "I said to him, Brother Joseph, my wife does much more hard work than does your wife." The Prophet Joseph replied, "if a man cannot learn in this life to appreciate a wife and do his duty by her, in properly taking care of her, he need not expect to be given one in the hereafter." The flippant advisor wrote, "His words shut my mouth as tight as a clam. I took them as terrible reproof. After that I tried to do better by the good wife I had and tried to lighten her labors."\

Now there's a quote that any woman can appreciate. :)